Undergarments to Wear Under Tank Tops

Regardless if you want to wear a camisole or tank tops to incorporate some style to your tailored jackets and wrap dresses, or wear it to bed, a lacy rayon or silk camisole is one of the clothing essentials that must be present in every woman’s wardrobe today. To guarantee that this sexy top will perfectly fit you, then consider going for trendy styles that have bra-like adjustable straps and a high percentage of Lycra or spandex. We guarantee you that camisole is perfect to have since it’s a versatile wardrobe. Here are some of the alternatives you can wear under your camisoles and achieve the perfect fit.  



Bandeau or tube top 

Your side boon and the side of your body are mostly exposed with a low-cut armhole top. Fortunately, a tube top or bandeau can help you with that. The option for you would be wearing a tube bra with a stylish design or a pretty lace, or just use a tube top to conceal a basic bra. Other dresses with multi-use straps usually give a bandeau or tube top that matches the dress to give some coverage on your body part that is left exposed due to the twisty straps. You can also just wear a bra under it and make sure that it won’t show up.  

Layer up 

Under a low armhole top, know that you do not need to show off your bra. Instead, you can always layer it up with another tank that can provide additional coverage. Make sure to be creative with this though. Some ideas you can apply would be to try a cami or tank top in a contrasting, coordinating, or matching color. You may also wear an all-lase camisole to add fun to your fashion. A racerback bra would also look great under your outfit.  

Thin strap bras 

For girls who are on the bustier side, then wearing open-back tops can be difficult and sometimes uncomfortable to wear, making it a fashion problem. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot slay tops with thin straps. All you need to do is to wear a bra with thin straps and has a similar color to your top. Doing so can help your bra to blend in with your top.  


When you are somewhere in between, know that you can always choose what you won’t—opt for a playful bralette or choose a strapless bra with molded cups and extra boning to give support. A lacy bralette or a color bandeau can also incorporate a hint of variation to a basic tank top.  

Strapless bras 

Try using a lightweight strapless bra below your racerback tank top or spaghetti strap if you belong to women who have an AA-C cup. When you don’t like using undergarments at all, you can always wear stick-on bra petals.  

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